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Spam Stopping Software

1) EmailFilterPro
2) The Harvesting Halter - Desktop Application
3) The Harvesting Halter - JavaScript Generator

You need a software authorization access code to obtain the software. This is a ten digit alphanumeric code. If you have paid for a software authorization access code and completed the members registration click the download button and proceed.

If you have received a pre paid promotional code it must be redeemed for a software authorization access code. Complete the Members page registration to obtain the software authorization access code.

NOTE: There are two options provided for the Harvesting Halter, a desktop application or a JavaScript, either one will work. Consult your webmaster onwhich of the two solutions he/she prefers.


You are allowed to provide the EmailFilterPro SPAM Filter to all your employees for home and office. Additionally, you are allowed to use the Harvesting Halter software to protect all email addresses on all websites that you own.
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Simply the best SPAM Filter on the market! Sells elsewhere for up to $69 by itself but is included here with the website email address protector for $49.

It does the job and it is so easy to install and use! Automated Installation for Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and Eudora email programs! You have to click the Details button to the right and see what this Internationally Acclaimed SPAM Filter has to offer!
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Harvesting Halter - Java Script Version   details    
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