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  About Us

Spam Stopper Software offers two software programs, EmailFilterPro and Harvesting Halter.


Email FilterPro is very simple to use. When you first start it up, it will ask you to setup your email account(s). A wizard will popup,asking you what email client you use. Simply select your email client, and the wizard will do the rest!

The program sits in the System Tray (near the clock at the bottom right). Periodically it checks for new email messages. When a new email is received, it will check to see if the sender is on the Allowed List (the list of approved people that many people refer to a the white list ). If the sender is approved, Email Filter Pro will send the message to your inbox as usual. If the sender is not on your approved list, Email Filter Pro will send an email to the sender asking the sender to click on a special link which will then verify the sender and add the sender to your Allowed List!

Other SPAM Filters make the senders verify they are not spammers by entering in a whole bunch of graphics of numbers and letters and hard as heck to see. EmailFilterPro won't annoy your valued contacts like the other inferior SPAM Filters out there!

EmailFilterPro even sends a second email to the sender confirming that their message has been delivered! The senders email will then be delivered to your inbox as usual. This blocks spam because spammers use huge automated systems to send out large amounts of spam, using fake email addresses. So it is impossible for the spammer to sit there and complete the verification process, and therefore the spam email will never get to your inbox.

These spam filters that are on the market that think that they can tell what is spam by what is in the body of the email are ridiculous! You end up with an extra spam folder that they believe is spam email,then you have to waste time going through two folders instead of one to check and make sure that no good message are in the SPAM folder! What a joke! Wastes more time than before!

Enjoy EmailFilterPro! It is the best spam filter on the market by far!

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  Harvesting Halter

Harvesting Halter is the Worlds premier protection system against SPAMMERS who use harvesting programs to capture your email address off your website. We often hear "I didn't know why we were getting all this SPAM when we never signup for anything online, now I know!"

Harvesting Halter uses a unique 3 tier defense system that stops Spammers. The three defenses are explained at top of this sites home page on the rollover buttons.

The EmailFilterPro and Harvesting Halter software can be purchased for $49 or can be had as part of the ProSoftwarePack bundle of over 300 software programs, with a market value in the thousands!. The entire 1,000 program package worth thousands sells for just $99! Read the About page at ProSoftwarePack for a complete overview.

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