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  Anti-SPAM Package Includes   The No.1 Rated Spam Filter in the World!
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Email Filter Pro (EFP) –
The Worlds No. 1 rated spam filter upon installation imports your email address book to create your “permitted to receive emails from list.”No other emails can reach your inbox, therefore 100% of spam is eliminated immediately! The email sender can manually reply to an automated notice sent by your EFP to be added unless you block them. Since bulk emailers automatically send from email servers, spammers are not sitting there with the necessity to manually add themselves to your permitted list, therefore spammers can’t get into your inbox! Read More
Email Filter Pro (EFP) –
Spammers use software programs called “harvesters” which automatically lift email addresses right off your website to then spam you! Harvesting Halter protects your email addresses from being harvested while still allowing your visitors to click on your email address and email you!
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Quick Printing Magazine

Written by business consultant Cy
Stapleton. Mr. Stapleton first recommends our SPAM filter EFP then at the end of the column recommends our website email address protector, Harvesting Halter.


One of the most aggravating things I have to deal with is spam e-mail. Spam is bulk e-mail –hundreds of thousands of
messages sent simultaneously (and often anonymously) to any e-mail address a spammer can capture.

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